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The Source http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source Technical Brachygraphy Wed, 17 Feb 2016 06:03:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 Installing/Upgrading iOS in iDevices manually using iTunes http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2014/09/01/installing-ios-idevices-manually-itunes/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2014/09/01/installing-ios-idevices-manually-itunes/#respond Mon, 01 Sep 2014 16:40:52 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=434 Apple

Installing or Upgrading iOS is an easy task when you have high-speed internet. But when you have a dial-up or low bandwidth connection, and nowadays Apple Servers are overloaded with download requests, it’s a tough task for the users.
Warning: The Install process will erase all the data in your device. So, Kindly backup your data to your iTunes or iCloud before proceeding . I cannot be held responsible for your data in any way!

I’m taking you through the process directly


Install the Download Manager and start downloading the update file using the Download Manager. Download Manager helps you to pause/resume the download.Once the download completes, keep it handy in a known folder.

.::Installation of iOS::.

  • Install the iTunes software and connect the device to the Computer/Laptop through the cable that came with it
  • iTunes will get opened once you connect or Open iTunes manually
  • [Optional for New Install users] Click ‘Check for Update’ and click ‘Cancel’ in the Download popup window
  • Once you see a screen like below, hold Shift key(Option Key in Macintosh) select Restore or Update i’Device’
  • Apple
  • A popup window opens and asks you to select the OS file(*.ipsw)
  • Select the downloaded latest Updatefile(*.ipsw))
  • Then press ‘Ok’ and you’ll see the update starts in your iDevice(Apple logo comes up with a progress bar
  • Once the installation is done, you’ll see a screen like below to start your Apple Device Activation
  • Apple
  • That’s all folks!! In-case you have any doubts, you can always ask me!!

Tested Environment:
iTunes: 11.3.1 for Windows 64bit
New OS: iOS 7.1.2
Base Operating System: Windows 8.1 64bit

18-Oct Update:
Upgraded iPhone 5S with iOS 8.0.2. Works flawlessly.

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Root Nokia-X, install Google Apps http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2014/05/06/root-nokia-x-install-google-apps/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2014/05/06/root-nokia-x-install-google-apps/#respond Tue, 06 May 2014 10:30:04 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=399 Applications > Development > USB debugging’ Select Settings > Security > Check ‘Unknown Sources‘ […]]]> Greetings,
Today I have come up with process of rooting Nokia-X Android phone and installing Google Applications.

A Nokia-X phone(v10.0.3)
File Explorer
Few More Google Apps

Rooting Nokia-X

  • Enable USB Debugging in your device by selecting ‘Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging’
  • Select Settings > Security > Check ‘Unknown Sources
  • Copy the Framaroot.apk file to your device
  • Open the File Explorer or ASTRO FileManager which came pre-installed in your device, and select the Framaroot and install it.
  • Open ‘Framaroot’ application and select ‘Gandalf Exploit‘ and select ‘Install SuperSU‘ and proceed further
  • Check if the app displays Successful rooting message, and reboot your device

Installing Google Apps

  • Extract the GApps and using the File Explorer, copy all the ‘apk’ files to /system/app folder in your device
  • Then select all the extracted files and select ‘Options‘ and select ‘Permissions‘ and update as per the image
  • Click ‘Ok’ and reboot your device
  • Open Google PlayStore from your device from applications menu, and login with your Google credentials[Make sure you connected to Internet].
  • Extract Few More Google Apps to your device and install using File Explorer whichever you want

That’s all, you can access Google applications from now on.

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Installing Android 4.3 in Nexus devices http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2013/07/27/installing-android-4-3-nexus-devices/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2013/07/27/installing-android-4-3-nexus-devices/#comments Sat, 27 Jul 2013 11:38:21 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=323 JellyBean43

Hello after a long time!

After hearing the news that Google released Android 4.3 update for Nexus devices. I tried checking for update in my Nexus 7 tablet(2012 version). It disappoints.

However, I found a way to update it through a trick. Here we go!


Step 0:[Optional] Uninstall all the unofficial applications(other than Google built-in apps) and delete the users created.

Step 1: Log in to your main account in the device.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings -> *Your Google Account* -> Search -> Remove (In the right side popup).

Step 3: Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> All (Slide right, twice).

Step 4: Find ‘Google Services Framework‘ or ‘Google Framework Services‘. Open it.

Step 5: Force Stop it and click OK. Now clear the cache and data. (In that order)

Step 6: Navigate to Settings -> About Phone/Tablet ->System Updates -> Check now.

There, it starts downloading the latest version for your device. Happy Updating! 🙂

P.S: I have used my Nexus-7 2012 US version tablet.

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http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2013/07/27/installing-android-4-3-nexus-devices/feed/ 2
Multi Select Dropdown – jQuery http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/12/29/multi-select-dropdown-jquery/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/12/29/multi-select-dropdown-jquery/#comments Fri, 28 Dec 2012 19:15:04 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=251 Today, I’ve come up with a Multi-Select Drop-down (with check-boxes inside) using jQuery. I thought, it would be time-consuming, but I had to make it and here it is.

Well, not really, I’ve used a drop-down and and check-boxes inside. Why??
A: Older IE doesn’t support CSS3 and also to make it look alike in all browsers, I’ve NOT used HTML drop-down and check-boxes.

The final result will look something like…

Jquery Latest version
Jquery Scroll-pane Script & CSS
Images for check-box(tick & unticked), drop-down.(Try google ‘Checkbox Vectors’)

How it is made:

HTML : Images were used for check-boxes, and a JavaScript function is used to change check and unchecked states.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="jquery.jscrollpane.css" />
<script src="jquery-1.8.3.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.jscrollpane.js"></script>
	<div id="dropdown" style="width: 190px; height: 92px; overflow: auto; background: url('multipleselection.gif') no-repeat;">
	<table><tr><td><img id="imgCheck1" runat="server" class="CheckImage" src="checkbox.gif" style="cursor: pointer" onclick="ChangeImage(this);" /></td><td><span style="cursor: pointer" onclick="ChangeImageRepeater(imgCheck1);">Call of Duty</span></td></tr>


function ChangeImage(Image) {
            if ($(Image).attr('src').match(/(\w*)\.\w{3,4}$/)[1] == "checkbox") {
                $(Image).attr("src", "tick.gif");
            else {
                $(Image).attr("src", "checkbox.gif");

ASP.NET : Same as HTML version, then, an ASP.Net Repeater control, a ASP Label and an ASP Hidden-field is used to pick values in Server-side.

I have attached HTML version and an ASP.NET(C#) version for source.
Download here: MultiSelectDropdown (848)

Do let me know, in case you face any issues.

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Installing Custom ROM in HTC Wildfire-S http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/09/15/installing-custom-rom-htc-wildfire-s/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/09/15/installing-custom-rom-htc-wildfire-s/#comments Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:57:37 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=188 Once rooting the HTC Wildfire-S, I wanted to try out few Custom ROMs, lets get directly to the process.

WildChild ROM (Gingerbread)IceCream Sandwich

WildChild Sense based ROMIceCream Sandwich ROM

Pick your desired Android OS and download appropriately.

Things to Remember

We are backing up the Stock ROM(Original) in the below method.
So, if you ever want to restore it back, use the ‘Backup and Restore’ option and select Restore and select the date of the backup displayed and give YES.

Backing up the Stock ROM(the Original ROM)

Just follow the steps, and your stock ROM will be backed up in minutes.

1) Boot Into HTC BootLoader(holding volume down key and press Power button)

2) Wait for things to load.. Use volume keys to select RECOVERY and press POWER button.

3) Wait for a few minutes, the device will load into ClockWorkMod Recovery Mode

4) Select Backup and Restore and then select Backup

5) Wait until “back up complete” notification appears on the screen.

6) After backup complete, select “wipe data/factory reset” and select YES.

7) After that, select “Wipe Cache Partition & Wipe Dalvik Cache” and select “Yes” (Do it twice).

Reboot your device.

Android Installation

1) Copy the respective Android zip file in the root of the Memory card. Boot your device in Bootloader mode.

2) Select ‘Install zip from SDCard‘ option and select ‘Choose zip from SD Card

3) Then the contents of the Memory Card is displayed and select the zip file you placed inside and select YES.

4) Wait for the installation to complete and you get the notification ‘Install from SD Card complete’, use power button to go to the main menu of CWM. Then select ‘Power Off

5) Switch on the device as usual.

You can try installing the addons after Android installation.
Check here for Wildchild Addons and IceCream Sandwich Addons

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Jailbreaking Apple TV2 with Seas0npass http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/08/18/jailbreaking-apple-tv2-seas0npass/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/08/18/jailbreaking-apple-tv2-seas0npass/#comments Sat, 18 Aug 2012 08:26:06 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=191 AppleTV
I finally got the courage to jailbreak Apple TV2 with a new seas0npass crack.. After spending 2 hours doing it.. i finally figured out and did it successfully.

I am going to share the same steps which worked for me here.

Disclaimer: I / The Source / The Dazzlers Inc. is not responsible for any damage the below process might do to your Apple TV. This has worked flawlessly in my case and you can revert your software to the original version whenever you wish..


  • Apple TV2
  • Micro USB Cable (See Pic Here)
  • iTunes latest version downloaded and installed — (Download here)
  • Seasonpass update file — (Download Seas0nPass - Zip File - Apple TV2 - Downloaded 672 times)

Disable your anti-virus / firewall during the time of this update. All though it is not mandatory, it will help you cross some issues.

  • Unzip seas0nPass to a folder location (C:\Apple_Jailbreak\ – in my case)
  • Execute Seas0nPass.exe, you will be presented with a screen like below
  • Select the above button “Create IPSW” and be patient as it downloads a 522 Mb file to your MyDocuments\Seas0nPass directory
  • During the above process you will get a screen like below:
  • After download is complete, you will be faced with a screen like below. In this screen, get your Silver apple tv remote. The plastic remotes dont work. Plug in your apple tv in power, connect the micro usb cable to apple tv and your computer.
  • Press the “Menu” and “Play-Pause” button on the remote when the light on the Apple TV flashes rapidly. If you have not plugged in power now, you might get an error saying “Unable to upload file in DFU mode” later on.
  • Patience now.. file upload will be complete and finally iTunes will open automatically and complete the process. Please do not touch the keyboard or mouse at this point till the process is complete.

Now, all process done.. Set up the Apple TV with the HDMI cable and in the first row, last icon, you should find a “FC” logo for “Settings” icon. If you find that logo, your process is successful..

Happy Hacking !! Let me know if you get stuck anywhere…

Next up.. Installing XBMC media center on jailbroken Apple TV ..

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http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/08/18/jailbreaking-apple-tv2-seas0npass/feed/ 1
Rooting HTC Wildfire-S http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/08/10/rooting-htc-wildfires/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/08/10/rooting-htc-wildfires/#comments Fri, 10 Aug 2012 18:19:12 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=154


HTC Wildfire S(Marvel)
Memory Card and cable
Hacked Boot Drivers
ADB n Fastboot
ClockWorkMod Recovery
SuperUser for WFS(Root file)

Unlocking the bootloader

  • Goto -> HTC Dev. Use Internet Explorer.
  • Register an account and login using the same.
  • Select your device(HTC Wildfire S) from the dropdown and click ‘Begin Unlock Bootloader’
  • Accept the disclaimers and download the respective RUU from the displayed page based on your location/operator.
  • Follow the 10 step instructions and unlock the bootloader.

Installing ClockWorkMod

  • After successfully unlocking the bootloder(***UNLOCKED*** in Bootloader screen), we need to install CWM.
  • Switch on your phone and connect to your PC in Disk Drive mode.
  • Place the attached ClockWorkMod Recovery(PG76IMG.zip) in root of the Memory card.
  • Switch off your device and then switch it on in Bootloader mode(Volume down + Power) and wait for some time.
  • Then proceed with the installation and then reboot your device.

Rooting HTC Wildfire S

  • Connect to PC in Disk Drive Mode and place the root.zip in the root of the memory card.
  • Boot into device Bootloader and enter into Recovery.
  • Select ‘Install Zip from SD card’ and select the root.zip.
  • Wait till the flashing completes. Power down.
  • Start the phone and you should see a SuperUser app.

That’t it, your mobile is rooted. 🙂
Let me know, if you face any issues.

The mobile I rooted is bought in India and I selected htc_Asia_WWE RUU during the process of unlocking the bootloader.

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http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/08/10/rooting-htc-wildfires/feed/ 30
QT: QTableView Example – Short and Quick http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-qtableview-example-short-and-quick/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-qtableview-example-short-and-quick/#comments Mon, 04 Jun 2012 17:23:08 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=144 QTableView is an interesting concept in QT. I was exploring it today and decided to post what I learnt from that.. I hope you will find it interesting/useful.

Download Source –>Download QTableView Source - Downloaded 4136 times

Create a new project and lets get started.. My folder structure is as below..

How my QT Creator Folder Strucutre Looks...

Open the forms->mainwindow.ui and insert a TableView into the form as below,

Insert TableView

 Now, open mainwindow.cpp, and drop the following code in the constructor,

QStandardItemModel *model = new QStandardItemModel(2,3,this); //2 Rows and 3 Columns
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; model->setHorizontalHeaderItem(0, new QStandardItem(QString("Column1 Header")));
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; model->setHorizontalHeaderItem(1, new QStandardItem(QString("Column2 Header")));
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; model->setHorizontalHeaderItem(2, new QStandardItem(QString("Column3 Header")));

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ui->tableView->setModel(model);

The code should go within your constructor as in the below image,

Code View

Run the program now, and you should get the below effect…

TableView with headers

Now you have a QTableview with 3 columns and 2 rows with headers created.. We can add data to that section easily as below…

Add these code before the last line, and the table will fill the first col, first row with value..

QStandardItem *firstRow = new QStandardItem(QString("ColumnValue"));

I have attached the source code for playing around.. Have fun.

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http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-qtableview-example-short-and-quick/feed/ 7
QT: Show child window from parent, vice versa http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-show-child-window-from-parent-vice-versa/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-show-child-window-from-parent-vice-versa/#comments Mon, 04 Jun 2012 16:08:24 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=137  

In due course of time, once you start getting comfortable with c++ you will get ambitious and want to build a multiple window application as in visual studio or other languages. It happened to me too.. The major problem I faced (which many may find silly), was how to show the child window from parent window on button click and how to show the parent window when the child window is closed.

This small tut is the result of that confusion and search.

The below diagram is what I am trying to accomplish, (The “Close Button” on the child window means the “X” button used to close the window)

What I am trying to accomplish

The folder structure/file structure I am using is as below,

Root Folder (Project)










In, childform.h

#include "parentform.h"





   ParentForm *mainParentForm;

In your parentwindow.cpp, declare an instance of the child window after importing it. like,

ChildForm *childForm;

ParentForm::ParentForm(QWidget *parent) : QMainWindow(parent),ui(new Ui::ParentForm)




Now, comes the part of wiring your event. In the button click in the Main parent window, (parentwindow.cpp), add the following code,

void ParentForm::on_btnOpenChildWindow_clicked()


  if(!childForm) {childForm = new ChildForm();}



    childForm->mainParentForm = this;





The above part of code should effectively hide the parent window and show your child window. Now, to the second part of closing the child window and opening the parent window.

In your childForm.h, add the following after or before public: declaration, the file should look like, (Add the code in BOLD)




&nbsp; ......

&nbsp; ......


<strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event);</strong>



This closeEvent will be triggered once you close the child window clicking the close button.

Now, in childform.cpp, add the following,

void ChildForm::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)


&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; this->mainParentForm->show();

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; event->accept();


Remember to import –>

#include "QCloseEvent"

That is all, now, run the application and it should work as in the diagram. I will upload a sample code soon..

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QT: Center Window In Screen http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-center-window-in-screen/ http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/2012/06/04/qt-center-window-in-screen/#comments Mon, 04 Jun 2012 15:30:07 +0000 http://www.thedazzlersinc.com/source/?p=125  

I recently started working with c++ and it was a need to create a simple gui application. Most people who come from Visual Studio backgrounds know how easy it is to create a GUI application in seconds using visual studio..

Well, I found out, it was equally easy in C++ (The Myth). Well, after I started I hit on a problem. As usual, I wanted to display my window in the center on the screen when starting. In visual studio, all I had to was select the form properties and set the position.

C++ does not have that easy way with QT. I scoured the net to find some examples and I am sharing here the one I thought the best and efficient.

Open your filename.cpp inside QT Creator or your favorite IDE of choice,

Your main CPP file might like look like this at the first point. This code will create the GUI window in the top left corner.

YourClassName::YourClassName(QWidget *parent):QFrame(parent),ui(new Ui::YourClassName)

Now to center the window, Copy paste the below code and try executing it,

YourClassName::YourClassName(QWidget *parent):QFrame(parent),ui(new Ui::YourClassName)
  QRect position = frameGeometry();

You have to import,

#include “QRect”
#include “QDesktopWidget”

If you don’t import QDesktopWidget, you will get a myriad of errors saying improper struct etc.. After the above code is inserted into your constructor, the window will appear in the center of the screen.

Leave your comments if you found a better way or if you run into a wall…

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