I have a nice reliance netconnect data card which is supported by Reliance till Fedora 10 ONLY. I called up their customer care for help and they told me very nicely that their datacard wont work with versions above 10.

Finally, I came up with a successful way myself which i want to share here. Request you to comment if this solved your problem so that other people can use this.

My datacard model – ZTE-AC2736

Practically you can use this with any of the versions as the process described is very generic.

  • Login as “root” user. If you happen to get unusual error messages when doing “su”, then see this post.

  • Connect your datacard to any of the USB ports available. Make sure the port is working first.
  • In the terminal, run “wvdialconfig” (no quotes). A long list of output as below will appear. Look at the highlighted lines. You should have something like that there.
  • After this process ends, open up, “/etc/wvdial.conf” file in a notepad with root privilages. You should get a screen similar to the below one,

  • Enter your user name, password and phone number into the place holders as shown below.

  • Save and close the file. You are all set to GO. Run “wvdial” (No Quotes) from the command terminal, and if it is successfully connected, you will get some output like below,

  • Get ready to browse, open your favourite browser and start browsing.

This should work will all the datacards which are working out of USB port and work using a dial up method. There is another way of configuring the same from “Network Manager” in linux versions. I will cover them later. As far as i have tried, this seems to be a pretty nifty solution because network manager sometimes manages not to connect and also lock the device.

Well, cya soon. Drop in some comments if the above process is working for you.

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