Installing CyanogenMod in HTC Wildfire


Ok.. After my effors with rooting my Android.. I decided to try my hands on this new exercise of installing CyanogenMod in HTC Wildfire.

Note: Proceed with caution. I cannot be held responsible if you end up bricking your phone. Happy hacking !!


Rooted Wildfire
Latest CyanogenMod(Gingerbread)
Mirror Gingerbread
Google Apps Addon(Optional)

Lots of patience…….

Things to Remember

We are backing up the Stock ROM(Original) in the below method.
So, if you ever want to restore it back, use the ‘Backup and Restore’ option and select Restore and select the date of the back displayed and give YES.

How to do it??

Well, its quite easy.. follow me in the below steps and you will be good to go..

1) Boot Into HTC BootLoader(holding volume down key and press Power button)

2) Be patient and wait for things to load.. Use volume keys to select RECOVERY and press POWER button.

3) Be patient… (Oh yeah.. really patient..)Wait for a few minutes, the device will load into ClockWorkMod Recovery Mode

4) Select Backup and Restore and then select Backup

5) Patience again.. wait until “back up complete” notification appears

6) After backup, select “wipe data/factory reset” and select YES (Wipe your brows of the sweat by the way, its safe)

7) After Step 6 completes, select “Wipe Cache Partition” and select “Yes”

8) Wait till everything is complete.. Patience.. more patience..

Installation of CyanogenMod (Finally !!)

1) Select ‘Install zip from SDCard‘ option and select ‘Choose zip from SD Card

2) Then the contents of the Memory Card is displayed. Make sure, you placed the Cyanogen zip file and GApps addon in root of the Memory card.(DO NOT extract the contents of the zip file)

3) Select the cyanogen zip file(for example in our case.., and select YES.

4) Patience again. Wait for the installation  to complete and you get the notification ‘Install from SD Card complete’, use power button to go to the main menu of Mod. Then select ‘Power Off

5) Switch on the device by holding the down volume button and press Power button.

Optional Google Apps Addon Installation.. (Yes.. you can install it..)

Then go into CWM, and using ‘Install from SD Card‘ option to install Google Apps addon. After the installation gets completed, Select ‘Reboot Now’.

Wait for few minutes, then you will see the HTC logo followed by the Cyanogen animated logo, finally your device will be loaded 🙂

Well, let me know your comments and stay tuned for the next How-To series..

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  1. Thanks Ansari…
    I believe the new HTC devices are quite awesome…and now with Beats Audio Technology n fast processors…it would be definitely worth 🙂 some user reviews as well.

    1. CyanogenMod is unofficial; hence sense is not there.
      You can still install gadgets from market, else you can roll back to your Stock OS, if you backed up!

  2. Hi,

    I did upgrade to 2.2 to 2.3 my HTC Wildfire, everything looks great but my internet data connection isn’t working..had few calls with service provider regd correct APN settings but no luck:(..any suggestions?

    1. I’m not sure,,what you mean by upgrade. hope you installed a fresh version of Cyanogen after erasing everything.

      You can try re-installing. There are are lot of other options like Radio patching,etc., but I don’t suggest that.

      You can try installing some other Custom ROMs.(Coming Soon)

  3. Hi mathi , I have some probs can you plz help me on this. I rooted my phone a month ago using clockwrkmod and installed cynogenmod 7 on my HTC Wildfire S and then I partitioned my SD card (8GB) using Link2SD and was able to save internal memory by saving all the apps on to SD card ( which is very helpful for me I was able to install 100s of apps earlier I was not able to ) but now I see that while installing the cynogenmod 7 I skipped something due to which my WIFI is not working properly . Wifi stays on for 10 seconds before turning off without any notification, I have googled and found that I might have skipped something and I have to reflash cynogenmod again. I’m ready to Reflash but the problem is — I partitioned the SD card using link2SD very difficultly and I’m not sure If i will again do it perfectly and also i’m afraid I would loose all my data and Apps . So what I’m planning to do is I want to take this partitioned SD card out and keep it aside and I wanna add another SD card (which i want to use only to reflash ) and after reflashing is done I want to replace with Earlier SD card!! will this effect my phone or does it work normally with out any probs?? Any Help on this would be appreciated!!!

    1. Hi Santhosh,
      It should work if you reflash it with another card.

      Let me know, incase you face any issues.

  4. Hi! I am not very knowledgeable as far as rooting is concerned, but have sdedcided to take the plunge. Now I am stranded half-way! I have HTC WIldfire A3333 which I have unlocked using the HTCDEV website.

    Now it shows the following details –

    Dec 13 2011, 12:08:54

    Request you to let me know what my next process should be to install Cyanogen mod. Please help!

    1. Hey buddy,

      Download this file and rename it to “PC49IMG.ZIP” and place it in root of your SD card and boot into bootloader(Volume down + Power). Wait for the installation of CWM and restart your phone. Then login back into bootloader and enter into Recovery and try to backup your stock ROM.
      Then you will be able to install CyanogenMod 🙂
      Let me know if you face any issues.

  5. Is there also a way to remove Cyanogen mod 7 from my HTC Wildfire?
    The fact that my google play doesn’t work is driving me crazy… Also i really want my phone back the way it was when i bought it. Can you help me out?
    You’d be my hero, I’ve tried about everything.

  6. One way..if you done the backup. You can restore it back.

    If not, reply back here…i’ll let you know…how to install original.

  7. Hi… The discussions above are really helpful…. I have installed cynogenmod 7 in my mobile HTC wildfire S.. Speed is ultimate.. But i want look of my phone in original way (i.e HTC sense) messages, mails etc which looks better than cynogenmod 7. Is it possible to have looks of HTC sense with cynogenmod 7… Or else uninstalling it is only option left out??

    1. Well, after installation of CyanogenMod, you can install some widgets from market which looks like HTC sense widgets. You can’t install sense based widgets on CyanogenMod.
      You can revert to your stock ROM if you’ve backed up.

      1. thanks for your reply, but i dont have backup.. What is the alternative?…. I have downloaded HTC sense app but it is not that good because we cannot change the basic things like mail, message etc which comes with CyanogenMod… (Am not at all happy with looks of Cyanogen Mod)

    1. If you had taken the backup of your stock ROM, you can log into Bootloader and select Restore option and select the backup.

      If you haven’t backed up, flash this thru bootloader. Attached is a copy of original ROM.
      Let me know if you stuck anywhere.

  8. i have to say,i got into some trouble when i got into the recovery,because it wouldn’t let me do the factory reset and all that,i had to go in other forums to see that the select option wasn’t the power button but the trackball,it took me a couple hours to acomplish that,but finally my phone is working. thank you for the tutorial. all the best.

  9. mannnnnnnnnnn u rockkkkkkkk big tymm…afso so many misunderstandingsssss and struglinggg pulling my hairs here and there….and yeah u r geniusssssss…….loveee uuuuuuuu……….

  10. friend, i completed all the process successfully but while installing cyanogenmod 7 i forget to wipe data/factory reset, now when rebooting phone it is stucked into cyanogenmod 7 loading screen, my phone wont start, please help..

    1. Go to Recovery mode and try wiping it again. Then install Cyanogen again.
      Follow the same steps mentioned in the original post to wipe in the Recovery mode. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere.

  11. Hi Manivanan,

    Vanakkam/Namaskaram brother !!!!!, I would like to thank you for the job you are doing to help people enjoy the power of their android devices.

    I certainly, in no way, doubt your capabilities but mine. Just out of curiosity, with my numerous unsuccessful attempts to understand the complicated rooting process and its complexities I have a lot of confusions involved in doing so, despite being tech savvy.

    All this while I have never came across a website or a forum that is so neatly and understandably structured and gives a sense of relief about its validity. I am definitely going to try this even if I end up screwing it all.

    I just need to know that after installing the CM7 ROM and backing up the Stock OS, would I have choice of installing the variety of androids apps that are available for the stock OS. Also, will these apps installed on Custom ROM will be entitled for updates from the OEMs as and when available, just like the Stock OS. Anticipating your reply……with excitement to experience the power of android rooting.

    Vijay S. Baskaran

    1. Vanakkam Vijay, it’s all about making mistakes and learning it 🙂

      I hope, your mobile is Wildfire, because, there are different methods for different type of devices.

      As for the question, you can’t install any Sense based(HTC) widgets or apps once you installed Cyanogen, because, Cyanogen is senseless. You can install all other apps from Play Store.

      Openly, I didn’t like the Cyanogen OS, it doesn’t have the natural HTC stock OS look, but performance wise, better. So backup safely the stock OS, in-case you want to restore to stock OS. I just installed for experimental purpose, nothing else.

      All the best!!Let me know, if you have any more questions, happy to help 🙂

  12. Hi! I have installed cm7 a year ago. It works fine but I’m still wondering why my internal storage is reduced from 512mb to almost 200mb. I am able to save apps to sdcard but still, I want to know if there’s anything I can do.

    1. Try clearing the data used by the apps. Applications-> Manage Applications -> All – > Look for each application and clear unwanted data.

      1. Clearing data will only save me about 5-10mb and it will delete my progress on apps like games. Is there another way to expand the internal memory?

  13. Brother……can i install cm-9.0.0-RC1-CRYPTOMILK-ALPHA5-marvelc because when i install it it says that Installation is aborted….Thanks in advance…!

      1. i created a new Gmail Account and the same thing shows again what should I do???
        Should I install CM 7.0 to play ????? What should I do

  14. thanks dude, I installed on HTC WILDFIRE !!! I installed this Cm android 2.3.7! when i open Play Store and watch for games which hasnt worked before because of android version now in play store shows only the games that look lik the phone has still Android 2.2, but my HTC has 2.3.7????? please help what should I do???? Should I create new GMAIL account????

  15. I rooted my HTC wildfire A3333 following your instructions… then I installed the Cyanogen7 again as per your suggestions ….

    I did not install any google applications … it was optional i suppose.

    Now my mobile is stuck with Cyanogen 7 mod logo … I can not do anything … I can not even switch off the mobile … I have to remove the battery … and as soon as I put it back … the Cyanogen logo comes after HTC and this rotating arrow remains on the screen forever. I can not go to HBoot mode too 🙁

    any suggestion what to do ?
    please help … I do not wish to loose my mobile.

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