Rooting your HTC Wildfire

Welcome Back..
This time, for a difference, we decided to get something done with our Android phones. And, the first thing which popped into our heads were rooting our phones to do a bit of frenzy action.

Cutting to the chase, let me get down to the actual process.


  • An Android mobile phone (obviously) . For this process, we used a HTC Wildfire A3333 (Running on Eclair[2.1] or Froyo[2.2.1]). If you are in doubt check your device (Settings->About Phone->Software Information->Android Version)
  • The HTC Wildfire serial number should start with HT0*******  [Its a Zero, not an O]
  • Memory card and cable
  • ADB Drivers ( A quicker way to do this, is to install HTC Sync and then uninstall it. We only need the drivers, not the sync software)
  • Hacked Boot Drivers (Download them here)
  • The “Revolutionary” tool. (Download  windows here)
  • The Root file (Download them here (8902))

First Things First

  • Charge your phone completely in Charge Only Mode.
  • Install HTC Sync and uninstall them
  • Install HBOOT drivers downloaded from the previous step
  • Enable USB Debugging in your device(Settings->Applications->Development->Check USB Debugging)
  • Extract revolutionary tools into a folder
  • Copy the root file on to the memory card of the HTC card. It should be on the root not inside any folder. Do not extract the zip file. Place the zip as it is on to the root of the memory card.

Beginning The Process

  • After the device is connected to the computer, give it a minute and then run “Revolutionary.exe” as an Administrator (If you are on a windows 7 or vista machine, right click and run as Administrator)
  • A command prompt opens and detects your device.
  • Take all the details it generates and go to the revolutionary website and generate a key(should be Alphanumeric).
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • In the command prompt, when it prompts “Y” to install the ClockWordMod Recovery
  • After this downloading and installation completes, the command prompt closes automatically
  • Now look at your device, you should be seeing a HTC Bootloader, with S-OFF at the top.
  • Use the volume keys to select the Reboot Now option
  • Hold the volume down button for 4-5 seconds and press the power button on the top till the screen comes out.
  • Use the volume buttons to navigate. Select Recovery using power button.
  • The device should now boot into ClockWordMod Recovery mode.


Now, we get to the get the actual process.

  • Select Install Zip from SD Card option using optical trackpad key and select the root zip file which we copied in the first step.
  • Now comes the hardest part. Wait, till the flashing completes. Then select Reboot Now
  • Switch on the device as usual now. You should see a super user application there.

Welcome to the rooted community. You have successfully completed the rooting process.

P.S: Inside Revolutionary, you have to use optical trackpad key to SELECT, and power button for BACK functions.

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  1. Thanks for the blog loaded with so many information. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for. I found your site in yahoo. And I will be back next time, thank you.

  2. Man I absolutely enjoy your write-up and it is too valuable thus I am definetly going to bookmark it. I Have to say the Wonderful research you have done is greatly exceptional . No one goes that extra mile these days? Bravo 🙂 Also another advise to you is that you shouldintroduce a Translator Application for your Global Readers …

  3. I am unable to use the tool as my hboot version is 1.02.0000 on my htc wildfire.
    I have managed to root my mobile from htcdev but unable to perform the S-off.
    Kindly advise if you any suggestions on this.

  4. Hi Vikas,
    I hope you have SuperUser privileges already. If yes…Your device is rooted. Only if you want to install other ROMs, then you need to install CWM.

    Prerequisites:(For Windows)
    Download these
    Fastboot n ADB
    Wildfire CWM
    Install ADB and Hacked Boot Drivers as mentioned in original post.

    Put fastboot,adb and other dlls in root of the directory, open this folder in command(cmd) mode.
    Put the .img file in the same directory/folder/map
    Connect the mobile to PC in FastbootMode(HBoot Screen)
    In command , then type “fastboot flash recovery cwm-” without quotes.

    This method should work to install CWM.

    1. Hi Lokesh,

      You can install custom ROMs,install special apps(which gives complete control over your device) after rooting.

      Yes. You can update it to Gingerbread as well. 🙂

      P.S : Post on Installing CyanogenMod(Custom ROM) in Wildfire coming soon.

  5. Please, i tried to root my HTC wildfire with android OS 2.2.1 but when i got to the stage of the command prompt its display this message “Your device: buzz, with HTBOOT 1.01.0002 is not supported at this time”. Please what should i do ?

  6. @Mathivanan
    I successfully unlocked my device bootloader using the instructions in htcdev site.
    But still i get the error “Your device: buzz, with HBOOT 1.02.0000 is not supported at this time”
    I’ve unlocked the bootloader but I cannot root the device. Please Help.

    1. @Pranay

      After unlocking the bootloader, you should have SuperUser App.Check and let me know…

      If you want to install ClockWorkMod..check my first comment in this same page to get it installed..

  7. I did all steps to get a S/OFF phone, but after i run revolutionary.exe, i entered the beta code, then the phone enter in boot menu and it stucks. In the revolutionary window is saying “waiting for fastboot…..”
    I have froyo 2.2.1 and hboot 1.01.0001

    1. I’m not sure which stage are you in now. Are you able to see S-OFF in your mobile?
      If so, you can boot into Recovery mode and continue further.

      Where are you seeing the ‘Waiting for Fastboot’?? In Command Prompt or Mobile?

      1. In prompt command on my PC. I can.t get S-OFF. The revolutionary program stucks… on that command “waiting for fastboot….”

        1. Can u check, whether the FastBoot Option is turned on in your mobile. Try it with On/Off.

          Hope you’ve switched on your mobile device while connecting.

  8. Of course is switched on, but i have HTC Wildfire and i can’t find that FastBoot option.
    Thanks for your help.

  9. I installed only HTCDriver3.0.0.007 on my PC, on the phone i didn.t install anything. Should i install something on the phone?

      1. You need to install ADB Drivers and Hacked Boot Drivers mentioned above in the main post. Download and install them and try again.

  10. it says “buzz,with HBOOT 1.01.0002 is not supported at this time” when i run revolutionary.exe…. pls help 🙁

  11. i have a htc wildfire S can it be rooted like this?
    and if this can be done then what are its advantages? i already have 2.3.5.

    1. I haven’t tried with Wildfire S. I guess, this method wont work with Wildfire S. Advantages :
      You can overclock your processor, and install certain apps which takes full control of mobile hardware,etc,.

  12. In tried that, but now, when the prompter of that revolutionary program arrives at that point “waiting for fastboot” the PC in not recognize the phone anymore. It says that USB devise not recognized….
    Maybe is doing this because i unistalled all HTC drivers, then i installed HTC Sync, i kept only the divers ( HTC BMP USB Driver and HTC Driver Installer), but when i want to install Hacked Boot Drivers the computer is doing nothing…. I don,t know what to do anymore, i think that i will sell the phone 🙂

    1. Ok, it works to get S_OFF but the revolutionary program stopped before to request to download ClockWordMod Recovery. So that image s not on my SD card. What should i do ow?

  13. im now in the final step….
    where its shows revolutionary in blue, how long should it take????
    cuz its over 3 hrs for me till now….

  14. plz help me I hav HTC wildfire a3333 android OS 2.2.1 with hboot version 1.01.0002 I hav tried.lot to s off it says “buzz,with HBOOT 1.01.0002
    is not supported at this time”….Wht to do now since from many days I’m trying to root

  15. Htc wildfire hboot 1.2.0000. After unlock at Htcdev. Anyway to down grade hboot to 1.01.0001. Pleased help…I tend to root it as well. Tq.

  16. Hi,
    I was trying root my HTC Wildfire froyo 2.2. I tried to unlock the bootloader from HTC Dev. But they update my H BOOT to 1.02.0000. Now my phone is struck. I downloaded a ROM of Eclair 2.1 which downgraded the phone OS to 2.1 but HBOOT-1.02.0000

    When pressing the volume button the following information is visible-
    TOUCH PANEL -ATMEL224_16ab
    DEC 13 2011, 12:08:54



    ON SELECTING FAST IT CHANGES TO BOOTLOADER. but it does not power up with this option. I have to remove the battery to reboot the phone. However the phone is still working on bootup.

    I have tried all these links
    How to upgrade HBOOT 1.02.0000 to 1.02.0001 HTC Wildfire?

    but couldn’t do it …

    When I try to use the revolutionary tool it gives me the message it is not supported for version 1.02.0000… I have tried many methods but this 1.02.0000 version is just not going. I have messed up some where I think. How I come out of it. The OS has also gone down from froyo 2.2 to eclair 2.1-update 1. This happened because I was trying to flash the ROM and I used this ROM file.

    Please help me

    Please suggest what should I do..

    1. After you update your HBOOT, you cant use revolutionary…

      First, make sure you complete the bootloader unlocking process(Thru HTCDEV).
      After unlocking bootloader successfully, you can install CWM and can get root access.

      Let me know, in case you face any issues

  17. Hi,

    can you help me with this place: Use the volume keys to select the Reboot Now option
    Hold the volume down button for 4-5 seconds and press the power button on the top till the screen comes out.

    because I’m stuck. Don’t know what to do after i press power button on the reboot…

    1. Switch off your mobile..remove the battery and put it back.
      Hold volume down button+Power…wait till the bootloader screen(white screen) displays and select Recovery.

      After it booting into the ClockworkMod Recovery..follow the rooting process in the post.

  18. hello… I recently bought HTC Wildfire A3333. It is working fine but only problem is of Low Internal Memory, My friend told me to instal an app named “Lnk2SD” so that I could transfer the memory on my SD Card. but that is app is giving an error named “COULD NOT OBTAIN ROOT ACCESS”. Kindly help me in rooting my mobile. I am a complete dumbo when it comes to these things so please guide me in a easy and simple way. I look forward to your cooperation.

    Also tell me if its safe to root or is there any risk?

    1. Hi Shaheer,
      Try updating your Android to latest and see, if you can move the apps to SD card.
      If its not, try the above mentioned process and it is safe, if you do it exactly.In case, you face any issues in the process, let me know.

      P.S: Warranty will be void after rooting.

      1. When I am running revolutionary file it is giving erroe named “Buzz, ur device with HBOOT 0.80.0002 is not supported”

  19. Sir, I did everything as told in the above steps, but for how long does the REVOLUTIONARY in BLUE symbols stays on the screen to rot. Please give me a precise time. I waited for 20 mins and hit the Reboot now option it still remained in the REVOLUTIONARY symbol screen. So I’d removed the battery and checked the super app was not installed namingly rooting was not done. Plz help

  20. My phone model HTC wildfire a3333 in 2.2.1 with hboot 1.02.0000 and top pink line says “oow”.I want to root myphone and install cmd . How to root , plz send the details in my mail id . Thanks

  21. Hello frd ,last week I delete all users data & factory reset by using wipe all data’s in fastboot , after it done lot’s of app did not work properly ( tube mate ,all black market app) I don’t know why plz help . if i will unlock the boot loader by htcdev , I moved the zip files in root folder in my sdcard like u said , but I don’t know the folder where is it in my sdcard , I used es file explorer 1.6 version .

    1. Make sure…you have installed all the necessary drivers…it will work…
      coz..i’ve tried this method once while rooting Wildfire-S.

  22. thanks buddy i installed cynogen mod 7 in my htc wildfire but when i installed the the apps are getting force close what should i do

    1. It seems, your firmware(HBOOT) is new, you need to unlock your bootloader officially. Check HTCDev

      and then the following
      Fastboot n ADB
      Wildfire CWM

      Install ADB and Hacked Boot Drivers as mentioned above.
      Put fastboot,adb and other dlls in root of the directory, open this folder in command(Type: cmd and go to this folder) mode.
      Put the .img file in the same directory/folder.
      Connect the mobile to PC in FastbootMode(HBoot Screen)
      In command , then type “fastboot flash recovery cwm-” without quotes.

      Until this, completes the process of installting ClockWorkMod, then you need to install the Root file(Rooting paragraph) mentioned in the main post.

  23. I have the wildfire a3333 , done your steps above but am stuck at the revolutionary part I have got my beta key but it keeps saying invalid, I have installed the Hboot on PC and it does see my phone so don’t get why its not working plz help

  24. Sent wrong email there 🙂 plz help with invalid beta key I put in my serial number in correct and re installed ur links, we’re do u get that ADB driver also thanks

      1. I have installed that already and uninstalled that programming for drivers but I did find that it said ‘no adb driver found’ on last attempt I will install that and see if I can s-off my wildfire, do you think that the invalid key will work once the adb driver is installed?. But I will get htc sync from this link to see if I have any joy

        1. I downloaded that HTC link so do I just uninstall that straight away to keep the correct drivers? Also what mode should HTC be on when running revolutionary exe 🙂

  25. Success had 2 copy and paste both to and from revolutionary exe and the website just waiting on blue revolutionary screen taking ages 🙁

  26. When I select recovery mode I come to “Revolutionary CWM v4.0.1.4”. When I select any of the options, nothing happens excepts the blue text REVOLUTIONARY. It doesn’t reboot, it doesn’t do anything.
    Is this really ClockWorks? What should I do?

    1. I are pressing the wrong button, even I forgot 🙂
      Try with the optical trackpad key just below your screen, power button for BACK function.

  27. Ok so i followed all your steps from teh start and have hit a wall of some sort.
    What it is, is that the command prompt is not detecting my device and still is displaying “wating for device” even though it is connected. What should i do from here to make it work.

    1. Either you might have missed any one of the driver installation(mentioned in main post) or you might not have enabled USB Debugging.

      Check these and let me know if you still face the problem.

    1. Hello,

      I believe, you have the latest version of the mobile, hence you can unlock it officially, if you need.Try unlocking your device bootloader officially. HTCDEV

  28. I use Htc wildfire A3333,when i run (revolutionary.exe)it says that your phone is not supported, i am running hboot 1.01.0002 I have officialy unlocked bootloader in Htcdev……

    1. After unlocking officially, you can’t use Revolutionary.

      Install, SuperUser app from playstore and then ROM Manager

      That’s it. Install ROM Manager, if you wish to try some other ROMs.

  29. Hi Mathi,

    I have an HTC Wildfire A3333 with Android 2.2.1 FroYo. HBOOT is1.02.0000 and its S-ON. I use linux in my laptop and I have adb installed and its able to detect my device. I have these questions.

    1. How to set HBOOT S-OFF now?
    2. How to install some newer cyanogen mod (if possible which version)?

    Most of the articles I found are very old and some of the warez dont work. It would be helpful if you could give some info on how to do the same on linux.

  30. HI
    i want to s-off my htc wildfire a3333 bt afraid that will it work or not kindly help me to dothis. plz rply me on my id… i neeed some help

    1. If you can follow the instructions in the main post,you can successfully root your device. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere.

  31. Sorry it says “Caroline failed, but had this to say: An error occurred while reading the partition.
    Errors :-
    mtd: read error at 0x00000000

    I followed the whole procedure but I can’t even get to the part: “In the command prompt, when it prompts “Y” to install the ClockWordMod Recovery”

    Please help 🙂

    1. I think, your firmware is new, you can try using revolutionary , if it shows any errors, you have to unlock the bootloader officially via

    1. Hi Eben,

      The process for rooting Desire may be different from this, as I don’t have a device, I can’t help you with that. I suggest you to unlock the bootloader officially thru and try installing CWM from XDADevelopers site.

  32. Hi,

    I have an HTC Wildfire A3333 with Android 2.1-UPDATE 1 Eclair.

    HBOOT screen is as below

    HBOOT – 0.80.0004
    JUNE 10 2010, 21:25:07

    1. How to S-OFF & root it?
    2. How to install latest cyanogen mod?

    I am having Windows 7.

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